"Large call" you think...no really, this literally put my sex life on steroids!...


You see,
I had been with my boyfriend for almost two years and the sex was good at times but I started to get the feeling it wasn’t all it could be.

And I worried that he was getting bored and to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t really feeling the passion anymore either.

I didn’t really think he would cheat on me (ok I admit, sometimes I did just a little bit) but it was upsetting to imagine him going off to have hot sex with someone else to fuel his need for more passionate sex.

And to tell you the truth I had to stop myself from fantasizing about other guys. mmmmm, oh, I forgot to say "my name is Jessica, Jessica Rose. (or you can call me "Jess" , that's what my friends call me).

Ok, you want the embarrassing bit, here goes...
(actually it's more embarrassing for my boyfriend. If the book wasn't selling so well he would make me delete this page).

It all started when, well, you see, he seemed to stay up late on the computer working every night and would come to bed and fall asleep straight away instead of giving me the love he once did.

I got rather suspicious and decided to see what he was up to. So when he was out I connected the external speakers to his computer and turned the volume up full. Then I pretended to fall asleep on the sofa...

(A bit cheeky I know but it really did the trick....and...well, in my defence, I wasn't sure how else at the time to change the situation and you see, deep down I really wished....

That I Was More Confident In Bed, and

I Wished That He Could Give Me An Orgasm Every Time and

I Wished I Knew How To Really Impress Him,

Drive Him Wild And Keep Him Happy..... )



...When he arrived home, he came over to the sofa and through my almost closed eyes I could see him look at me closely to check I was asleep. I could feel my heart beat a little faster, I felt like a little kid playing hide and seek.....



(Those who know me, know I like to make the best out of a situation where ever possible but I did wonder just how this cookie would crumble...)



......and, no surprizes here...... you guessed it, he started clicking away, and up came the porn…. (here is a link to it........just kidding....i will spare you the details :-)...


( now seriously )

I wasn’t so shocked that he was looking up porn, but I was
devastated he was
choosing porn over me...


...I lay there in silence not moving a muscle, wondering what to do next but then the opportunity came.....loud and clear!....

A women faking an orgasm, badly mind you, blurted out of the speakers as he scrambled for the volume knob. I sat bolt up right as he clicked madly trying to close all the windows of porn but it was to late....

Time stopped for a second as we met eye to eye......

....Then the extremely red guilty look that washed across his face broke me out of the shock and hurt I was feeling and I errupted into fits of laughter, which made him even more embarrassed.....


So the ice was broken and the stage was set, but how did we crawl out of this one and step into a new love life of hot passionate sex?



...We spent the rest of the night talking and we came to realize there wasn’t a whole lot of satisfaction going on in our sex lives. And in an attempt to make him feel a bit better I admitted my fetish of looking up erotic stories when he was at work.

This was a major turning point in our relationship, we both agreed we wanted more great sex and decided to be totally honest with each other about what we wanted...



(If it's ok with you, I'm going to get a bit personal now, just a warning.....thinking back, it was quite an interesting evening to put it lightly...)



It was pretty simple for him, he just wanted "more great sex" and lots of it," (typical) and to be able to "please me and give me great orgasms" he quickly added. ("now that's more like it")

I wanted to spice sex up in many ways,

I wanted more passion in my sex life and

I wanted more intimacy too,

Also sex to last longer and

More orgasms, not to mention

Multiple orgasms,

I wanted to feel sexy and be adored

But deep down I wanted to know how to really keep him happy




It was clear we both wanted more great spicy sex, so the search that changed our lives began...


I started searching the net for sex positions. Naturally I looked up The Kama Sutra from India and ended up ordering a copy. Wow this was hard to read but there were some fabulous sex positions that were hidden in a maze of complex old style language.

The pictures tended to turn us off though, but we were dedicated and tried out lots of the positions to find the best ones.

Inspired, I then bought The Tao from ancient China and The Perfumed Garden from Tunisia. These too had some good moves, if we didn’t mind putting up with the pictures, but I wanted more.

I then bought The Ananga Ranga from ancient India. This had a couple of positions in it that we really liked.

Then I went crazy buying all the books I could get my hands on, including books from leading tantra authors as well as the latest information from the worlds top sex experts.

Of course the porn positions come up constantly while searching the net so we tried out a couple of positions and, well, they weren't very comfortable and didn’t hit the spot at all.

What I realized is porn stars are actors portraying fantasies for best viewing only, not pleasure.


Then we booked into some tantric workshops, where we learnt some great positions to get connected to each other and some great tips, this really helped me get into the zone.

And this taught me how important it is to have the right head space, so that all my worries and stresses could drop away and I could then connect completely to my sexual passion.

We learnt all the best positions to achieve this, wow, and once I unlocked my true sexual passion, there really was no turning back.



(Ok you're right, sex positions alone won't be all the pieces to the puzzle of great spicy sex but it is a totally crucial part. It's like the table you build your puzzle on, without it, it's hard to complete the puzzle. There is, of course, other things you will need and that's why I have included some great free bonuses......more about that later...)

With a good collection of sex positions and hot tips that we had discovered, sex never came close to being boring anymore. We were always trying new things, and keeping sex passionate and real. I now had the confidence to take charge, throw him on the couch and really impress him with some great moves....

I had had orgasms before but nothing like I do now. When I get in the zone with the 'Deep Connection Position', then into one of the many clitoral stimulation positions, that stimulate the whole clitoris not just the button...


......Hey, did you know (because I didn't before we went to a seminar on female orgasm) that the clitoris actually has two shafts that go deep inside connecting to the vaginal wall, so once the clitoris is deeply aroused it is prime time for positions that really hit the spot...


....and then go for some of the G-spot positions like the 'Lovers Cradle' position or the 'Table Temptations' or even the 'Sensual Spoon', well you see, when he gets just the right angle, I hit the roof…….. and he loves it. In fact, because we keep changing positions he can actually last a lot longer now….. (oh I've just included a great bonus for that factor too, more about that later)

I feel so confident in bed now because

I know which position will really turn him on

and drive him crazy, fueling his fantasies

I know positions to tease him like mad

and how to really turn myself on

and positions that will hit the spots to give me reliable orgasms



When he sees me in all these different positions he tells me how hot and sexy I look, and that he loves seeing all the curves of my body from all these different angles. And this makes me feel really sexy and confident in my own body and ability to keep on turning him on.

I no longer worry about him cheating on me because our sex life is so passionate and spicy that I know he only has eyes for me.

Now he calls me his "sex goddess" and I love blowing him away with the favorite male fantasy positions.

And now five years later we are still going great guns. In fact sex just keeps getting better and better, we are more intimate and connected than ever before, and we really know how to please each other. It's such a great feeling.

It’s incredible how much of an impact this has had on our relationship. I never realized that a good sex life was one of the most imported keys to a good relationship.

I started telling my girlfriends about it and they wanted to know more. So I told them what I had learnt......and....well, they were blown away. They kept telling me I should write a book!


So I got to work writing the ultimate sex position book...

But I didn’t want to produce another book that,

has pictures that really turn you off, (which is like...all of the sex books right?)

and I didn't want the book to be like trashy porn...

and I didn't want 501 totally stupid ridiculous positions (although I'm sure sex hanging upside down in a tree is good and all but..... you know what I mean..)



You see I wanted great quality,

I wanted the images to be passionate and tasteful, like photographic art

and I wanted all of the best positions that really fire up the passion

get you connected and take you to the top like never before,

plus I wanted to include all the tips and tricks to really turn the pleasure tap on so hard that the handle snaps off and gets stuck on full steam.....



So I got all the best positions from my years of research, then contracted the best photographer and some great models and created an ebook with really tasteful amazing images and put this together with the best tips and techniques to get the most pleasure out of each position.


         ("Ok, sounds great, but just show me the book" I hear you say, well here it is. )

Passionate Sexual Positions

'Passionate Sexual Positions'
The Number 1 Guide to Amazing Sex

Including over 100 of the very best positions and techniques from the Tao of ancient China, the Perfume Garden from Tunisia, as well as the Kamasutra and the Ananga Ranga from ancient India. All this combined with the latest ground breaking positions from the worlds experts in sexual technique.

Note: Not available in book stores


"Well that's a nice fluffy description, but what's actually in the book?"...


(Glad you asked...)

16 Hands-Free Clitoral Stimulation Positions
designed to hit your pleasure button during sex


16 Amazing Positions To Enhance Intimacy
and connection to your lover


32 Sure-fire Positions To Hit Your G-Spot
and get you to that earth shattering orgasm you crave


12 Favorite Male Fantasy Positions
guaranteed to get him going


106 Amazing Photos (That Actually Look Great)
and make it quick and easy to use as a guide


12 Full Friction Positions For That Snug Fit
for that extra sensation



And just when you thought, "that's quite enough for one evening" (-: ...just..kidding.. :-) more like the rest of your life. There is much more though, because you also get:



15 Great Positions For Tables, Chairs, Walls
and don't forget the car...


11 Advanced Positions For The Adventurous
for when your in that wild mood


46 Positions For Great Clitoral Access
while you're making love that is


42 Deep Penetration Positions


106 Detailed Descriptions
of how to quickly get the most pleasure out of each and every position




Why am I so sure?

Because it absolutely worked for me and

because every single person who has downloaded a copy so far has been completely satisfied ( true ).


Happy lovers write to me all the time and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to get all the feedback and know that I'm really making a difference in peoples lives all over the world.

"Well, we have been together almost 10 years, and while our sex is pretty great, we did have a few habitual positions, you know, the regulars that work for us. Well, after getting your ebook, our sex has gone to a whole new level!, and that was just after being inspired by flipping through looking at the pictures.

We are yet to read the more detailed tips to get the most out of each position. Thanks so much, it has brought great diversity and more fun to our intimate times together, setting us in good stead for the many years of love making with each other yet to come".

Terrii Moss - NSW , Australia


"So how much does this cost?"

Before I give away all my hard work for free, let me ask you this:

What would you pay to have the most spicy sex life ever?

What would you pay to have amazing orgasms all the time?

Would it be worth more than a new pair of shoes?

What would you pay to feel sexy and confident, know all the right moves and really know how to please him?

More than a new dress?....

I could put the price at $197 and it would be so worth it! Imagine how many times you are yet to make love in the rest of your life!

This is a lifetime investment for great sex!
This book changes people's lives for the better and I want you to be able to get it now.

So $49 I think is fair as I have spent alot of money (-: and a lot of time practicing :-) putting this book together.

But today I'm offering you all this, plus 4 amazing bonus offers, for only $37 and you can download it in 2 minutes from now and start right away.



And I'm so confident that you will love it that
I will give you double your money back if you're not 100% satisfied, no questions asked. (and with no fuss of course )


My Rock Solid, Bubble Wrapped, More Secure Than a Banks Safe, DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK Satisfaction Guarantee

( yes you read that right it's "Double Your Money Back " I dought you'll find a better guarantee then that anywhere!! )

If you decide, for any reason at all within the next 60 days, that it's not for you, just write me an email and I will promptly refund you twice what you paid no fuss, no questions asked. And since I have no way of getting the book back you would get to keep it too. (this is a one time only offer)

( Oh yeah, my email, in case you want your money back or want to send me fan mail! is: jessicarose@passionate-sexual-positions.com )

And just to make doubly sure, this guarantee is also fully backed by Passionate Publishing. So evan if i disappear off the face of the earth you can write to guarantees@passionatepublishing.com and get your money back from there.



Today's Special Offer!

24% off + 4 great bonuses valued at $189 free

(And no, I'm not going to just add fluffy bonuses that look good at first glance but are full of empty promises. I will always stand behind my books and will only deliver great quality bonuses that will be of great value to you).

If you download a copy today I will throw in these four great bonuses completely free.


Rounded Corner: Top-left Rounded Corner: Top-right

Bonus # 1

"Ancient Kama Sutra Images"

($22 Value)

By popular demand I have Included this ebook of over 60 ancient Karma Sutra images from India.

The Karma Sutra has been by far the most popular sexual text for centuries, it's origins date back as far as the first century A.D.

( you will want to be feeling flexible for some of these positions!)


Rounded Corner: Bottom-left Rounded Corner: Bottom-right



Rounded Corner: Top-left Rounded Corner: Top-right

Bonus # 2

'Ride The Wave'

Techniques for Deeper Longer Orgasms for Men

($39 Value)

Joseph Anderson has just released this ebook and I've managed to get permission to give away a few copies!

But why would you want a book that is for men?

....Well.... you know what it's like... you're in one of those snug fit positions, and it just starts to hit the spot and.... well,..... then it's all over...

If you have ever been with a guy who can't hang on then you will know how frustrating this is.

The good news is, this book contains 6 effective techniques for him to master his orgasm, so he can last as long as he chooses. These techniques will also give him stronger erections as well as the deepest and longest orgasms he has ever experienced!

You can actually teach him these simple techniques and once you have an understanding of what is actually going on for him you will be able to help him last as long as he chooses.

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Bonus # 3

new release

'Love Potions'

Herbal Elixirs To Increase The Sex Drive.

($29 Value)

Let's face it, often there seems to be an imbalance in the sex drive department. This can be incredibly frustrating, to say the least, and often unfortunately leads to separation.

Most of the time great new sex positions and amazing sex will inspire your lover but sometimes a little something to kick things off can go a long way.

In "Love Potions", ancient herbal wisdom and modern day science combine to bring you effective herbal elixirs to increase the sex drive. They are safe, easy to prepare, all natural, formulas that can be made into spicy drinks or taken as a tea or tablet.

Imagine, for a moment, how it will be when your sex drive matches perfectly with your lovers'...

Rounded Corner: Bottom-left Rounded Corner: Bottom-right




Rounded Corner: Top-left Rounded Corner: Top-right

Bonus # 4

($99 Value)

You get all future updated editions of 'Passionate Sexual Positions' completely free.

I am constantly doing more research into the latest techniques and positions so this bonus is a must and entitles you to stay up to date with the latest info.......forever if you wish.

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"Ok lets recap just to make things clear."

Everything You Will Receive
Real Value Your Price
Passionate Sexual Positions - eBook
Ancient Karma Sutra Images - ebook
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Ride The Wave - eBook
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Love Potions - eBook
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Lifetime upgrades to Passionate Sexual Positions
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Passionate Sexual Positions

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Now, you still may not be convinced that this will work for you. Perhaps you feel your situation is uniquely different.

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Bye for now,

Jessica Rose



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